Setting the Team Members

Setting the Team Members

The Team Members section is part of the Lawgrid theme. You can add all members here. You can setup it very easily. Here are steps.

  • To setup Team Members list, first you need to add some members with photos and texts. Go to Team Members section and click "Add New". Fill details as described in below screenshot:
  • Create some more entries as described above.
  • Now we need to create a new page to show our Team Members. The option is included in "Visual Composer" plugin (Make sure you installed Visual Composer plugin). Go to Pages >> Add New and click on "Add element" button:
  • You will see all Visual Composer elements. Click on ThemetechMount Team Member Box element:
  • Now you will see options for the Team Member area :

    Select total number of team members you want to show under "Show" menu. And select "Columns" you want to show. Also select "Team Group" if you want to show members from selected group only.
  • The Team Member box is inserted. The box will look like this:
  • That's it.

Setting the Members Group

The Members group is very useful if you have different department or specialist team. Create different groups (category) as described below: